Himalaya Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash (100ml)

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Product Information

A gel based, soap free, non messy solution for all the problems related to cleansing the oily skin; Himalaya’s Oil Balancing Face Wash. Removing the excess oil, this formulation is enriched with Citron which doubles up as an astringent and also as a cooling agent. Also used is Honey which is a natural cleansing agent. Promising not to leave your skin parched and dry, it awards you with a clean and glowing skin.


Directions for Use

1Apply a small quantity of Oil Balancing Face Wash on the moist face.

2. Gently work up lather with a circular motion.

3. Wash off and pat dry. Use it twice everyday.

Key Ingredients

Citrus medica (Citron, Bijapura), Meldespumatum (Honey, Madhu)

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I am loving this product

Review for: Himalaya Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash (100ml)

The transparent gel have done great wonder for my skin. Its a best bet for people with normal to oily skin but not super oily as it does not lather up as a soap does and controls oil for not more than a couple of hours ,which is okay for my skin type. Also I must add that the fragrance (citron and honey) refreshes me up .
My HG facewash.

Review for: Himalaya Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash (100ml)

This is the best face wash I've ever used. While the company markets it for oily skin, it works miracles for my normal skin (with oily nose).

At a price of 70 INR per 100 ml it is one of the most affordable face wash gels available in the market but the product is high quality and totally effective.

This face wash comes in a plastic flip-open lid pack. It is a gel based face wash with a very pleasant herbal, slightly citrus-y (citron?) aroma. The gel contains small round blue-green colored granules which help in gentle exfoliation. The gel is quite thick and lathers less (being a gel base, what else were you expecting?) but only a pea-sized amount is required every time. It perfectly (and gently) cleanses the face and removes the excess oil from around my nose area without making my face excessively dry or stretchy. Even 4-5 hours after washing, it keeps my nose/face relatively oil-free which is a miracle. And it has never made me break out! In fact the small red-bumps that I used to get on my cheeks/chin have subsided with regular use, and I think it has also evened out my skin tone (that or may-be the old acne marks have faded w/o any new ones popping up to take their place).

All in all, I am perfectly happy with this product; so much so that I am not even thinking of trying any other face-wash in near future. It keeps the oil at bay, cleanses well, prevents breakouts, smelly heavenly and is very affordable. However, I am not sure how effective it will be for people with VERY oily skin. Also, it doesn't lather too much, so if you prefer the lathering foamy face-washes you might not like this.

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