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About Biotique

Biotique Botanicals belongs to Bio Veda Technologies Private Limited (BVTPL) and is headquartered in Noida, India. The company was founded by Vinita Jain in 1992, a biotechnologist who wanted to bring the secrets of Ayurveda to the use of one and all. Vinita spent her childhood amidst lush greenly tea estates and was always curious about the way nature works and cures. Later in life, she went ahead to study biotechnology in Switzerland to strengthen her knowledge. After coming back to India, Vinita invested into detailed research and product development. She set up her own company that would work in the most scientific way to produce skin care and beauty products by incorporating the ancient knowledge developed by the Indian sages thousands of years ago. Vinita is often credited for making Ayurveda more accessible to the lives of common people and to have made it fashionable to be using Indian Ayurvedic products.

Biotique presently has a research team in Switzerland and India comprising efficient scientists, cosmetologists, dermatologists and Ayurvedic doctors. The product portfolio includes range of skin, hair and body care products of skin, hair and body care products. Biotique products are truly herbal and devoid of any chemicals, preservatives. They are not tested on animals. The products have eco friendly and recyclable packaging. Biotique products work by eliminating the problem from root instead of hiding it. Unlike many cosmetics companies, Biotique strongly believes in manufacturing its own products, so as to maintain the highest possible standards. As a result of such stringent quality measures; Biotique has emerged as a global brand in a very short time. Its products are exported in large number across Europe, South East Asia, Japan and the US.

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