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About Pond's

Theron T.Pond started the Pond’s heritage in 1846 with the introduction of the ‘wonder product’ ; Pond’s Golden Treasure. This witch hazel based product was relaunched in 1886 as Pond’s Extract and later as the famous Pond’s Cold Cream in 1905. Pond’s Cold Cream was responsible for affirming Pond’s brand identity as a face care icon in the beauty industry. By the 1920s the brand suffered a major setback, thanks to its comparison to other boutique products. The company started an innovative branding strategy and initiated targeting the royal crowd and celebrities. Pond’s was one of the first few brands to start advertorial in magazines like Vogue. Queen of Romania was one of the most famous ambassadors for Pond’s. She wrote in a letter demanding more of the products from United States as she was extremely happy with the results. Her letter was turned into an advertisement which took the world by storm and established Pond’s’ brand identity. 

In 1955 Pond’s Cream merged with the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company and was named Chesebrough-Ponds, later it was acquired by the multinational Unilever. Today Pond's Cream is owned by Unilever and the products marketed are formulated from the Ponds Institute. Pond’s is renowned for their ranges of skin care especially face care products ranging over fairness, moisturizing agents and anti ageing technology. With more than 100 years of skin care knowledge in their hands, Pond’s Cream is a hit amongst women all over the globe. Spain, Japan, India and Thailand are the main markets for the Pond’s products today!

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