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About Neutrogena

Founded in 1930, Neutrogena Corporation is an American brand of skin care, cosmetics and hair care products. Headquartered in Los Angeles Neutrogena became a member of the Johnson and Johnson family in 1994. Today it has a network of distribution spread over 70 countries. With a wide range of products which include specific lines for acne, anti ageing and sun protection, Neutrogena is one of the market leaders when it comes to dermatologist recommended skin care brands. As is the case with most manufacturing giants, Neutrogena started off with a different name. It was found as Natone, a very small company started by Emanuel Stolaroff.  

In 1952 Stolaroff came across Dr.Edmond Fromont a Belgian chemist who had developed a patented formula of a soap which would clean and clear the skin and essentially leave no residue or dryness. The USP of the soap being this- eleven minutes after the wash the skin would return to its normal pH; when washed with clear, plain water the same would happen in just about ten minutes and so this soap was in itself a breakthrough invention. This soap was named Neutrogena and soon Natone became synonymous with Neutrogena, the reason that Natone soon came to be known as Neutrogena. Till date, Neutrogena brings out fantastically simple yet absolutely care oriented products. Simple yet extraordinarily high quality products, this is what Neutrogena believes in and it continues the tradition.

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