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About Ferrari

The story of Ferrari brand dates back to 1929, when the company was founded by Enzo Ferrari, a car racing enthusiast. Initially starting off as a sponsor for racing cars drivers, the company was known as Scuderia Ferrari. It was only in 1947 that the Ferrari was established as an automobile company, mainly to fund the racing passions of Enzo Ferrari and was renamed as Ferrari S.p.A. presently, Fiat S.p.A owns 90% stake in the company while Piero Lardi Ferrari, the second son of Enro Ferrari holds the remaining stakes. The company is popular for sponsoring the Formula One motor racing event.

One of the key features of Ferrari’s global operations has been maintaining its exclusivity. The high pricing of the cars ensures that only a few rich can afford it. It is said that no two Ferraris can look the same as each car goes through high degree of customization. All cars are made to order in the company plant at Maranello, Italy and then exported to various regions through entering strategic dealership deals. The company fiercely maintains its luxury brand image by never succumbing to volume production.

As of 2011, there are about 46 retail stores worldwide selling all sorts of Ferrari paraphernalia that includes Ferrari range of apparels, leather items, expensive time pieces, fragrances, sports items, racing memorabilia, along other interesting merchandises. These products are manufactured through license agreements to various manufacturers. The stores act as a meeting place for the lovers of the brand thus reinforcing its image as a cult brand.

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