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About Sarah Jessica Parker

“I want to create a fragrance with a great sense of fun and whimsy’ and she did exactly what she started off with. The famous ‘Sex and the City’ star, Sarah Jessica Parker launched her first fragrance in 2005 and went on to unveil her own fashion line ‘Bitten’ in 2007 which included a whole range of clothes as well. In partnership with Steve & Barry’s this line also featured accessories. After the massive response to her first fragrance ‘Lovely’, Parker went ahead to launch her second fragrance ‘Covet’ signifying mischief and impishness which met with the same amount of love from her fans and fragrance admirers alike. Dawn, Endless and Twilight were here next three launches.

Sarah believes that fragrance is that one fashion element which sparks off the ultimate adventure and one can see this in all her designs. Inspired by her Sex and the City character ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ walking down the streets of New York City; extremely independent yet playful, classy and absolutely stylish, all her fragrances are inspired by the same theme. The Sarah Jessica Parker range has involved a number of perfume designers till date including the fantastic Frank Volk and Ann Gottlieb.

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