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About Paris Hilton

From one of the most controversial yet adventurous socialite; Paris Hilton comes a range of fantastic fragrances. Always under media scrutiny, Hilton’s fragrances are her perception of emotions, attraction and sensuality. Hilton’s first fragrance was released in 2004 by Parlux Fragrances which was a runaway success. Successive perfumes were released in the years to come.  Hilton went on to design many more fragrances including ones for men.

Inspired by her own life, her decisions and the world around; all the fragrances have something unique to communicate.  Her fragrance Can Can was a scented depiction of Moulin Rouge while Heiress and Siren were all about Hilton herself. Paris Hilton also has her own line of signature footwear and clothes such as tops, dresses, coats, and jeans as well. Rich, breathtaking and attractive, all her fragrances follow the anthem ‘Find out what it smells like to be a Star’!  Hilton has several stores selling her range of perfumes and clothes all over the world, in UK, South Korea and Dubai. In 2011 she opened up stores in Philippines and India as well. 

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