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About Nina Ricci

A fashion house which emerged in the years of war, rage and destruction yet remained honest to the delicate, subtle grace and feminity that all of its products exude! Nina Ricci Couture was established in 1932 by exemplary designer Maria Nina Ricci’s son Robert. Ricci was renowned globally to be a designer who cut through the eccentric illusions of the erstwhile Paris in the early 20th century and invented designs which were adorably feminine yet soft and full of innocence. Taking France by storm, Ricci designs soon expanded to fragrances. Designed keeping in mind the elegance of woman the fragrances are a touch of delicate floral scents with an aura of modernity surrounding it.

Very soon Nina Ricci became synonymous with Parisian taste of fashion, with the launch of Coeur Joie fragrance followed by Capricci, Fille d’Eve, Farouche and Nina; the world was filled with a Ricci fragrance. In the fifties, Nina Ricci handed over the legacy to Jules-François Crahay who took the tradition forward and dressed up ladies on the big screen with his talent. The fashion house which started as one-room maison de couture today is one of the leading page turner in the fashion world. With a fantastic range of clothes, accessories and perfumes it is elegance, class and style fused together adorning the couture culture, the Ricci way!

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