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About Lacoste

We all must have bought that green crocodile logo atleast once in our life and welcomed Lacoste into our world. A French apparel company formed in 1933 Lacoste is renowned for its apparel line apart from high end footwear, fragrances, watches, eyewear and ofcourse tennis T-shirts. In the recent past they also introduced a line of bed sheets and towels too. Lacoste was founded as La Chemise Lacoste by Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier. Giiler was the owner of the largest knitwear company from France of that era. It all started with the designing of tennis shirts which were used on the courts with the Crocodile logo wide and clear on the chest. Soon the logo and the design took the sporting world by storm.  Very soon Lacoste spread to sailing and golfing sports too.

Branding itself as a hep, peppy and sporty fashion house, Lacoste sticks to this image till date. In the sixties, Lacoste ruled the roost with its annual sales figures; slowly to do a more upscale form of designing it roped in French designer Christophe Lemaire who has been the reason for the boost in Lacoste’s brand image in the last decade. With umpteen collaborations with young tennis players like Andy Roddick and so on, Lacoste has managed to be the ‘sporty sensation’ for years now. Lacoste does business in almost 110 countries all over the world. Lacoste has distributed its trademarks to various manufactures. Procter & Gamble owns the rights to produce the fragrance, CEMLAC for the bags and smaller leather good and Pentland Group for footwear.

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