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About Kenneth Cole

‘Are you putting us on’?  A tagline which describes the absolute vibe that this American Fashion House, Kenneth Cole Productions exudes - adventurous, outstanding, classy and daring!

Kenneth Cole Productions was founded in 1982 by American designer Kenneth Cole.  With five clothing and accessories line, Kenneth Cole also has a shoe line catering to varied price interests. With a story straight out of a novel, Kenneth Cole Productions had a fantastic inception. Ever wondered why a clothing and footwear line has the word ‘Production’ attached?  We have the story!  In the eighties, the only way to get a shoe company up and running was to either have a run of the mill shoe shop in Hilton amongst thousands others or get a fancy, expensive showroom in Midtown Manhattan. What Kenneth did was none of these, he went on and did some fantastically innovative planning.  With tight funds and a will to run the show, Cole sought a friend to park a 40 foot trailer truck in ‘Shoe space Manhattan’!  In those days the permits were granted only to film production houses and hence ‘Kenneth Cole Inc.’ turned into ‘Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.’ overnight.  Next day one could see a trailer truck with a director, models posing with shoes, a camera and two fine NYPD doormen shooting “The Birth of  a Shoe Company’! Selling over forty thousand pair of shoes in two and a half days, Kenneth Cole had already written a chapter for himself in history.

With its range of clothing lines for men and women and a lovely variety of fragrances, watches, bags and other accessories, Kenneth Cole has made a mark for itself in wardrobes all over the globe. Kenneth Cole retail and Company Stores can now be found worldwide in countries such as Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and South Africa. Kenneth Cole Productions has been actively involved in numerous social responsibility and charity campaigns, as innovative as their product line. We believe these words of theirs honor its memorial unusual inception- “We need more than a surface mentality. The writing is on the wall! ”

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