Vega Make Up Professional Set of 12 Brushes LK-12

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Product Information

Vega Make Up Professional Set of 12 Brushes LK-12

1. Blush Brush

2. Mascara

3. Lip Liner

4. Lip Filler

5. Eye Blender (S)

6. Eye Groomer

7. Eye Liner

8. Eye Shadow (M)

9. Eye Applicator

10. Eye Brow Shaper

11. Fan Brush

12. Powder Brush


Do you want to create the perfect face make-up or get your feet looking their finest? Vega's head-to-toe guide helps you with easy to follow techniques used by today's leading make-up and make-over specialists. You'll get some useful grooming tips too! Your face is the first part of your body, which is noticed. Therefore it is important to apply the right makeup with right Vega make-up brushes. Read on for some valuable insights about foundation, powder and blush and eyes.

Foundation is a "backdrop" to your makeup. It's meant to create the kind of "perfect" skin that women have always dreamt of. Learn the tricks of applying foundation accurately. Choosing the right foundation brush is equally important. Vega foundation brush is finest brush available in the market.

Applying powder is an important feature of face make-up. Vega domed brush made from natural hair which has a particular texture that holds and disperses powder extremely well and so is brilliant for precise application of face powder. Vega powder brush gives maximum coverage in minimum strokes.

Blush is an important part of make-up. Blusher adds color and depth to the skin and can give our cheeks, forehead and nose a healthy, dazzling look using Vega blush brush makes it easy.


A woman expresses herself through her eyes and therefore you have to take special care to make them more expressive by applying the perfect makeup. Using Vega brushes for applying shadows, lines and mascara keep you point of attraction.

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