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Product Information

A new revolution in nail fashion has just begun! Fashion always has to be simple but not tedious. Nail art is just another fashion challenging task that we never pay attention to. Achieving perfect look from head-to-toe isn’t a rocket science but getting a nail art that complements your attire seems a challenging work. To remove the boredom and clutter time-consuming process of getting your nail done, we’ve bought a simple solution that you might have never thought of. It’s time to cheat a little with designer nail wear, which is easy-to-use and you can simply stick it to your fingers anytime, anywhere. It’s a bit of common sense met with fashion to give you a fuss-free solution. Peek-a-boo to latest design styled by famous designers from funky to sober, pastels to warm tones, everything under one roof. Sip your favorite cappuccino and get your favorite nail design in just few minutes and yes, we can prove that. Our core objective is to provide working busy women with something innovative that reduces the ennui and make their nails look fashionably cool. From everyday office-looks to rocky night parties, adventurous trips to sophisticated brunch delights, we have wide variety of nail designs to entice any event. You name it, we have it.

Stylish, Quick & Easy to Apply

Zero Dry Time, No Smear and Smudges

Chemical Free, No Messy Cuticles

Last up to 7 days with a Top-coat, No heat application

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