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About Kara

The best alternative to handkerchiefs, yes we are talking about Kara Face Wipes. This revolutionary product hit the market in 2008 and has already been accepted as the most hygienic alternative to the mundane and ‘not so hygienic’ everyday kerchiefs. This premium skincare solution is a part of Grasim Consumer Products Division which in turn comes under the Aditya Birla Group. Kara Face Wipes were unveiled with the aim to cater to the modern day consumer who wanted non messy, disposable hygienic techniques. These wipes are made form a natural based cellulosic fiber which is a patented product of Birla Cellulose, Grasim’s fiber division. The viscose fiber originates from wood pulp and is absolutely bio degradable. These easy to carry wipes are alcohol free and dermatologically tested.

Kara Face Wipes include refreshing, sunscreen, deep pore cleansing, toning and moisturizing variants for a complete skincare regime. The wipes work on a three step routine of skin cleaning, hydration and nourishment. The fibrils on the wipe helps in cleansing and unblocking the pores while the 80% aqua loaded wipes pass on the perfect hydration to the skin. Each wipe also has a dose of antioxidant supplied by Avocado, Aloe Vera and Almonds. Kara Toning Wipes was awarded the Elle Beauty Awards for the best toner in the year 2009. So every time you pick up Kara Face Wipes, you don’t just pick a hygienic one time handkerchief but also a steady skin care provider.

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