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About Revlon

Amidst the Great Depression was formed an organization which would one day become a beauty and cosmetic care giant. Found in 1932 by Charles Revson and Charles Lachman, Revlon’s nomenclature came from Revson and Lachman’s L; making it Revlon!  It all started with the initiation of a single product, nail enamel.  These were opaque nail enamels which were made using pigments rather than dyes as was the culture that time.  In the late thirties, Revlon started selling the enamels to departmental stores and very soon it had turned itself into a multimillion dollar company. During the war era, Revlon painstakingly manufactured first aid kits for the war torn regions and did something rarely heard of in the cosmetic industry. By the time the war was over and the world was returning to normalcy, Revlon added new cheer to the fashion world by introducing nail enamels and lipsticks bi- annually, in vogue with the various fashion trends.  1955 saw Revlon going public and in the next few years it had made the ‘United States look’ a household name with its advertising campaigns.

In 1973 Revlon launched its signature Charlie Fragrance and within a year it was the number fragrance for women in the world, the company soon crossed the one billion mark and nothing seemed impossible.  Revlon was sold to a MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings subsidiary in 1985 and later in 1987, Almay joined the bandwagon too. The nineties saw Revlon donning up the role of a cosmetic market leader with the launch of its signature lipsticks.  A noteworthy one being the first ever transfer resistant lipcolor; ColorStay which is a favorite amongst women all over the world, even today. In 1996 Revlon went public again and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  Revlon is renowned for its socially responsible ventures, especially ones for ovarian and breast cancer awareness.

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