Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

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Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon gives a contemporary twist to an age-old tradition, liquid gold, copper and bronze to sweep in an auspicious mark, or to embellish as a tikka and other motifs for face and body art.

Gently apply in the straight parting of hair.

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This is what I wanted

Review for: Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

whenever I ride a bike, normal powder sindoor just go off in wind. This Lakme sindoor is awesome. It has a superb color and looks traditional too.
lakme sindoor

Review for: Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

Its a good product, worth buying..!!!!
Best liquid sindoor...

Review for: Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

My skin was soo sensitive so I dont wear sindoor powder much. Then I tried this Lakme sindoor and I liked this soo much. It is very comfortable to wear and it stays longer until you apply water or rub it. I am using daily and don't see any reaction. It doesn't mess the area and never smudges.

I even recommended to my friends who too have the same skin problem and they also appreciated this product.
Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

Review for: Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

Like all newly married girls, I was very excited about wearing sindoor but I was not inclined towards using the powder sindoor. So when I came across Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon, I immediately bought one for myself.Priced @Rs 99, this product seems to be priced slightly on the higher side, but it is still worth buying considering that it comes from the brand Lakme which is well known for delivering quality products.
My take on Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon:

 The shade is brilliant maroon with slight shimmer which makes it quite attractive. The shade is neither on the darker side nor on the lighter side .Its just perfect I should say.
 It is very handy and easy to apply with the lid giving you the perfect control on the shape you want to apply it in.
 Stays for around 7-8 hours which is good enough
 I have found it safe on skin as I did not notice any harmful effects on the forehead resulting after using this product.
 It’s a must have product for all married ladies.
Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

Review for: Lakme Jewel Sindoor Shade Maroon

I brought two Lakme Jewel Sindoor in Shade Maroon- one for my mom and one for my aunt. Both of them love it ! My aunt even asked me to buy her some more.
My mom uses it only for special occasions like wedding, it looks good on her.
It is dark Maroon in color with little shimmer. The shimmer is not OTT.
The staying power is for 5-6 hours.
I think the price of this product is little on the higher side other than that, there is no bad point about this product.

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